The Morning Greets Me

The morning greets me as though the first time we’ve met

Uncertain, unknown, unrelenting

Shoulders feel the full weight of what’s to come

Adjusting positioning to greet the load

Hear my cry o Lord

As I approach the coming day fully girded

A kiss from loved one increases my strength

A “Love you Dad” gives me fire

Plans and detail race through my mind

Hoping to get through the end of my day

To return to the comfort that embraced me

Keeping me close and safe like a newborn child

But until that time

Come on world

Throw what arrows you may

Snares that lay in waiting

Negativity that is abound

I run through them all

I accomplish all things set in front of me

I help all in my path

that may be in need

For I know that while it may seem bigger than me at times

I know someone bigger than all those things and more

So at the end of this day

When I return to the comfort that I long for

It is because of Him I do so

And I rest peacefully

To repeat this journey

Again and again


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