What’s Important

Got call today while at work….son was in car accident on I-77 this am..taking his cousin to airport to catch a flight out.

When I got to the scene…to see him on a stretcher and loaded into ambulance, my heart dropped. My boys are that…my boys…and to know that he was already stressed due to what his grandmother is going through…to me was not fair.

I asked God, please..not now…in your name I plead

CJ’s cousin told me what happened, then I went to the driver of the other vehicle…the only thing I could say was..”Are you okay?”

He stated he was, and how it was his fault, and that he felt bad for what happened.

It is amazing how God will take a situation, a test, and use it to bring that spiritual man to the surface. I was then talking to the officer, who was very helpful, dispelling the negativity that has occurred as of late…he even shared with me about a family member and an accident they were involved in.


I’m glad that it wasn’t any worse. Property can be fixed, our loved ones are precious, and it’s important not to miss opportunity to be with them, and care for them.

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