Where is Our Focus?

Reflecting back on a discussion I had with a brother that is in the industry. He summed it up best , “Our focus is always on something different each week.” And to tell the truth, he’s right!

One week our flat screens and personal media devices are all a blaze on what happened to who in what state, people up in arms and ready to march. Next week the tide turns and a flag is hoisted up, taken down, and made its way to a Senate house before laws are passed to stop senseless killings amongst our own,  actual work to bridge the racial divide that threatens us all, or even a bill to give all children an opportunity to better education….

Is it too much to ask that we become more involved on what goes on in the midst of our neighborhoods, cities, states.. or are we still destined to be in the know when Joseline decides to fight the next stripper turned rap star/media mogul? Entertainment: 1, real society problems: 0.

Where is our focus?

Will there come a time in which we the public will receive news that shocks us, moves us and makes us go to action, and stay active? the world challenges the best of us daily, but we cannot allow media to inundate us with various stories and images and not feel compelled to help and stay involved.

Again the question is, where is our focus?

I welcome your response.

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