How Will You Live Today?

We all have a choice,

Now you may say, what do you mean we all have a choice? Where are you going with this? We all have a choice on how we will take on this thing called life. I say this because of course there’s been a lot going on, in society and within our own homes, but in the end we all have a choice. So here’s a question…..

How will you live today?

Our choice is this, we can let the weight of the world, the trials and tribulations beat us down, into submission or into a blunt instrument, or we can take these situations and make them sharpen and hone us into an instrument that cuts and creates an effective change.

So many times we get on the notion that our situations dictate how we live, how we act, and what we will become in the future. Here’s the irony, history has shown many individuals that have taken dismal situations and conditions and made it work in their favor. To err due to consequences is to submit to defeat, but to revel and overcome is to welcome in the victory!

Take what has been issued against you, family problems, health issues, financial woes, and make them make you my brother, my sister, stronger, encouraged, and looking toward that blessing that is due to you. If you don’t, then you will accept defeat, and miss your opportunity for breakthrough!

So again I ask…
How Will You Live Today?


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