Here’s ……Good Bottle Co!


Per my nephew’s suggestion, found a jewel of a spot for beer aficionados: Good Bottle Company!

This open and airy spot has wall to wall beers from everywhere ,featuring select local 20150423_073854 microbrews and unique breweries from across the county.When you walk in, you are greeted not by someone that is just minding the store, but someone that has a passion for the art of brewing. 20150423_074336Even early in the am, where you can go and get a fresh, artfully brewed cup of coffee from delicious beans.

I think this is an ideal place for anyone that wants to try something different. Indian Pale Ales to high gravity beers to even , dare I say it, PB and J beer. (Yes, a beer that tastes like peanut butter and jelly!)

So if you don’t want to just go and grab a 6 pack of any beet, and looking for a beer that expands your palette, has a unique story behind it, and get a chance to explore and taste new and exciting beers, then this is the place for you!





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