Dear Today


Dear Today,

Well, we are back at it again,

You show up, I wake up.

Seems like we’ve been at this thing for a long time. Your bring adversity and challenges my way. But at the same time, you do allow me various opportunities and successes as well. What can I say, you are consistent in that way.

Let’s make a deal, within these 86400 seconds that we are together, let’s work in unison. You throw it my way, I’ll deal with it head on. I’ll recognize when success given and where it originated from. When trouble comes, try not to react the way I used to in my younger days. I only ask when those challenges come, give me a second to go to Him in prayer.

To ask for the wisdom, the patience, and understanding to overcome that which you have brought to me.

Then afterwards today, I will take time to thank Him for those precious gifts given to me during my journey with you.

And after our time together you and I, if He allows me to rise the next day…

I look forward to our working together again.

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