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I Write This Letter to You

I wanted to share this piece I wrote some years ago. So many times we go through our own lives and fail to take notice of those that are close to us, that may be going through trials and need help. But during their trials they don’t want to bother us, so they keep silent  and face it alone.

Know this family, you don’t have to face it alone, or be silent. That is why we are here.


I write this letter to you

Letting you know that your voice does not go unheard.

I write this because when others ignore you, I am attentively listening.

Held on every word that you speak,

Waiting in anticipation for the next syllable to be birthed from your lips.

And from that birth, a new life begins….

I write this letter to you

Taking time to tell you that even the road seems rough

And life is difficult at best

You make things better for many of us

A light for other to be guided to.

Yes I write this letter to you,

Thinking that decision you make weighs heavy on your shoulders sometimes

But allow those that love you to lessen your load.

Shake those shackles off

Feel freedom you so richly deserve.

Oh if I could tell you how you’ve inspired me

How collaborations have enriched dry bones

How seeds planted has borne good fruit

Allowing others to be fed again and again.

I write this letter to you

No thanks or accolades needed

I write this letter to you

Simply because you, are you.

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