I can still remember a sermon a pastor spoke one Sunday 12 years ago about this very topic. His sermon was “Complacency in Zion”
“Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses, and this house lie waste? Now therefore thus saith the Lord of hosts; Consider your ways.” -Haggai 1:4-5
The Israelites had returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple of God, but received opposition. Then when King Darius rose to power and gave them favor, the Israelites did not return to the task at hand.
Interesting isn’t it, when we work so hard to get someplace, or learn something, hone a skill, or even beg and ask God for someone in our lives, we receive the blessing, but over time we get comfortable, heck sometimes downright lazy, and do none of the work that got us where we are, what we want, anymore.

This is that “complacency in Zion,” and something that we sometimes take for granted until it’s too late. Too late CW? What do you mean? Simply put, that talent you have, that you were blessed with that you no longer use, someone else is nearby with the same talent, maybe not up to your skill, but they are working every day while you are relaxing. Then when someone has need of that talent, guess what, that person who has the same talent, gets first dibs.

That relationship that you are in, where she or he treats you well, attentive. You used to be receptive to them, did little things to attract them. But now, you don’t take her out any more, or send her flowers, or dress up real nice for him, or you criticize what he or she does, comparing them to someone else. Remember that old saying, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?” Keep not doing what you need to be doing, and see what happens.

That blessing you asked for, you prayed long and hard, and in HIS TIME you were given it. Placed in a better position than you previously was in. Now, you abuse where you are, never try to help the next person in need, and after all that praying, you forgot where your blessing came from, barely acknowledging the SOURCE.

Complacency is not a place we are supposed to be in. We should always strive to do better, to be better than we were before. Another result of being complacent, you always wonder why other people are doing things and yet you are still standing where you were years ago. You may even criticize that person or persons movement, failing to realize that the only person that is in the way of your you!

Step out of your own way, shake off that dust and get back into the game. We were not made for getting by or just enough….but we are created for everything that He has stored up for us!


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