If We See Each Other..

If we see each other in the street,
Let us speak life and not death.
Let us sing a song of favor that has been afforded us,
Let us talk about the grace and mercy that allowed us to wake this am.
Then talk about those we have helped along the way,
Not for our own pleasures.
But for those that truly need someone,
For it really is the right thing to do.
Let us ponder on ways to help our fellow man,
And not on devices to destroy each other.
May we share a kindred spirit,
With those that have truly overcome.
And let us lay down plans for those,
That will walk after we are long gone.
Build a sturdy foundation that will stand the tests and trials they will face,
Yet recall how we too went through those trials.
Then they will sing a song of testimony,
That will rise on high.
And sound as a sweet melody…..
To He that gave us all.

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