Let Go, Or Get Left

Around this time its best to start making plans. As someone recently stated during a Periscope broadcast, why plan for the New Year Jan 1, when you should be planning for it now?

That is so true, and usually I take this time to look back on things accomplished, things on hold, and start planning on things for the future. Note I did not say the new year, I said the future, simply because if you plan for a new year, you limit yourself, for that year. But if you plan for your future, it becomes an ever continuing, ever evolving part of your life.

During this process, you must let go, or get left. Why do I say that? Simply because we have a tendency to hold on to things thinking that they have some inherit value or we need them. Just recently I was rearranging the downstairs of our town home and my wife came down to see the progress (of course) I showed to her several things that we moved years ago along with us to this place and asked her what she wanted to keep and what was not needed. She looked, I looked, we thought about it, and result was us donating more items than I even realized. Reason, we didn’t need them, we always held on to them for the “what if” and “just because” which did neither of us any good, if anything we pushed or moved those items from point A to point B, never using them.

Such is the way with our life. We hold onto grudges, situations, feelings, people, and even jobs, never realizing that holding these things firmly with both hands and hearts, never allows or grants us the opportunity to reach and embrace new things, opportunities and people that will take us further in our walk through life, and may truly bless us in the end.

If we do not take the time to realize this, those new path become lost to us, available to others, and as a result, we get left behind.

I hope that as you are reading this, you gain the insight, the “ah ha” moment to go back and start cleaning up what you may have, and let go of things that are keeping you from your true potential!

Till next time fam,



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