Reminisce: Excerpt from 1st Book:  A Valuable Lesson

I learned a very valuable lesson at church this past Sun.

The Pastor spoke on the book of Jonah, and very descriptively spoke on how Jonah tried to hide from the instruction of God, but each time he did, he found himself lower in position than before.

As I thought about it after service, then thought even more after watching “Best Man Holiday” I came to a very eye opening conclusion ……

We are all running from divine instruction

Think about it, the reason why we tarry so much, so hard in our lives, is because we allow things to block us from the blessings, the gifts that He has for each of us.  The Pastor made reference to that when he stated how the sailors on the boat knew they needed to throw Jonah over, but was worried about it. But when they did, the seas ceased raging, and all was calm.

It’s the same thing in our lives. We know of certain things, certain folk, certain places, that as we allow them to constantly be in our lives, they each keep us from the potential that we are destined to be a part of. From undervaluing ourselves in business, to allowing certain people to latch on that serve no worth whatsoever, except boosting our egos, all the while siphoning off our good energies for their own whims.

So like those sailors, it’s time to throw some “jonahs” overboard, so your seas can too become calm.

And upon doing so, recognize those individuals that are around you, that work tirelessly and place you in areas that you once thought was unapproachable.  Look for like minded individuals that are positive in their works, not looking always for the easy way out, or the quick buck and run mentality. Like my granny used to say..”all money ain’t good money baby.”

And finally, take time each day, before you confront the masses, to show gratitude for what you already have.  I found that many times, people are looking at your blessings, trying to figure out not just how to get blessed, but how to get your blessings that have already been established and claimed by you. Can’t have that!!!  Accept and thank Him for what you have fam.

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