Know Your Worth!

Good morning!
I did a FB live one morning in which the topic was “Know Your Worth.”

I spoke much about how it applies to business this morning, but really, it also applies to our everyday life as well.

When you know your worth, you don’t limit yourself to jobs that may not allow you to flourish, or friendships that seem to be more giving than receiving. Relationships where you are not being treated the way you should be (ladies and men) and even the relationship you have with The Most High.

When you truly know your worth, you seek to be the best you can be, and expect others to be the best they can as well. While at times there may be doubt, there is also assurance that you are wonderfully made, and that if you want something that is positive and will make you better, then there is no reason why you should not claim it and receive it!

Be great and blessed fam!

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