We all….


We all go through trials, we are stressed every day.

We also do not know what someone’s burdens may be. But know this, do not let their negative energy disrupt the positive harmony of your day.
From driving, to the attitudes of someone at work, to even a loved one that is going through something. Let that not set the course of your day, week or month to become negative.
The best thing to do…step back, take a breath, say to yourself something positive. It could be “no weapon formed” or “this is the day that the Lord has made” or even..”I am amazing and destined for great things!” Whatever it is, say something positive to yourself…then step away from the situation..or even say a prayer for that person.

Is it hard to do..yes! But the outcome is so worth it and you do not lose focus on your appointed goals!!!

Be blessed fam!

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