Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!

“Otis Moss Sr. … got up in the morning and put on his only suit and his best tie. And he walked 6 miles to the voting poll location he was told to go to in LaGrange.

“When he got there after walking 6 miles in his good suit and tie, they said, ‘Boy, you at the wrong place. You need to go over to Mountville.’

“So he walked another 6 miles to Mountville, and when he got there, they said, ‘Boy, you in the wrong place. You need to go to the Rosemont School.

“I picture him walking from dawn to dusk in his suit, his feet tired, getting to the Rosemont School. And they said, ‘Boy, you too late. The polls are closed.’

“And he never had a chance to vote. By the time the next election came around, he had died.”

This was shared by Oprah recently, yet told by Otis Moss III with the Trinity United Church congregation frequently…..

He pressed on to let his voice be heard til he could not anymore…yet many of us, with our Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, turnt up at GHOE, stand in line for an hr to get into the club, will not even stand in line for 10-20 min to cast our vote…

We must become the tool used to build a better life not just for ourselves..but for the next generation!!!

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