True Business Owner…or just a worker wanna be?

business-man-silhouettegraphicsTo be a true business owner, a “boss” you have to be multiple individuals:

That super salesman to make those deals happen.

The accountant to make sure the money is right, even when someone else is telling you it is.

A custodian to clean up the mess that someone else made.

The delegate/mediator to make sure all is working together for the positive growth of the business.

601px-Business_plate.svgThe delivery person, when it absolutely, positively got to be there like now!

All positions are important, but the most important one is the one that keep you in tact, cool, calm, and collected, especially when there are folk that have lost their every lovin mind! A cooler head must prevail, because this is the path of a leader, a CEO, the boss above bosses.

Many times we as business owners get so caught up in the day to day operations, that we forget that someone has to be driving this train, guiding this ship, steering this car, to the appointed destination that we placed out there to draw people in.

Within each of us there is that fire, and as we see others live their dreams and fulfill their destinies, this should encourage us not the be scared, but step out on faith and bring it to fruition.

Till next time fam,


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