Voices of Strength vs The Voice of Anger and Hate

I was going to offer words of encouragement today as part of ‪#‎cwspeaks‬

But I’ll put that on the backburner to address something.

Watching the news today, I was truly appalled. At the Trump Rally in Fayetteville NC, of course there were thousands to stand in line to attend and hear the rantings of the Republican frontrunner. And to be expected there would be protesters in attendance. True to form, Trump would tell security to get them out, all the while throwing jabs and smart remarks at the protesters as the are escorted out.

What really shocked me was when one protester was escorted out, a 70ish year old Trump supporter elbows the young African American man in the head. As to be expected, the young man is shocked, stunned and mad, ready to jump at the supporter. Security holds the young man and take him to the ground, while the Trump supporter looks on while sitting in his seat. When interviewed, the Trump supporter, last name McGraw, acknowledges that he did it, because the “mouth on that fella” and bragged about it, declaring the protester was not American.

Needless to say he was charged…after the fact. But here’s whats so appalling:

The fact that this was allowed to occur, putting hands on another person, is symbolic to the type of platform Trump runs on. Basically anarchy and violence is allowed in order to “make this country great again.” This is the legacy that is being shown to our young people, the virus of “reality television” has permeated into politics, and we will now see this play out. Has this occurred at other rallies in 2016 and past elections? Does that mean degrading other races, alienating those with opposing views, sarcasm coupled with violence is the mandate to gain votes?

The chickens have come to roost for the Republican party. I say that because they did not expect such an individual to be in this for the long haul, as well as many Americans to look to him as a voice for the masses. This is a nominee that cannot be controlled or influenced as others candidates have been in the past.

I also share this with you, reflect back to the times where many people gave their lives to allow the opportunity to vote. To have a voice that was once kept in silence to be resounding, strong and assured of a better future ahead. Today we are hearing a voice of anger, a voice of hate. A voice that will take us back to the troubled times of the sixties instead of truly addressing the issues that plague the common man, woman, boy and girl in this country. Is that what we truly want in order to “make this country great again?”

I truly welcome your thoughts on this. Rather we speak now and walk together, than stand is silence and watch a legacy built on so much sacrifice and strength fall to ruin.

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