Your Dream

No one can understand your dream like you

No one can comprehend the sacrifice that you’ve made for your dream

Long hours alone, honing your craft, your works, your vision

Sometimes foregoing events, connections and fun

Late nights, early mornings, small breaks in between

Just when you think its right, your mind sees other ways and methods

Potential opportunities of expression and communication of your dream

Back to the drawing board again.

And when you place a small portion in the hands of someone other than yourself

To see that part to fruition

They don’t get it to your specifications,

So you claim it back to your protection

Like a newborn your cuddle it close, promising that it will become better, it will grow

It will show everyone that doubted you, your abilities, and your intentions

That your dream is amazing, your dream is powerful,

Beyond their understanding, their comprehension,

But in the end, you must remember

When all is said and done, and the smoke clears

In the end

It is your dream

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