Muddy Water Distillery

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A Personal Touch Brings a Premium Spirit

When arriving at the Muddy Water Distillery in Belmont NC, you are greeted to a sight. The facility rests on the banks of a man made river where boats, catamarans and kayaks arranged colorfully on the banks.  The older brick building contrasts against the hued sky, and an aroma of liquor intermixed with freshwater soil tempts the nose.

Muddy River Distillery was started by Robbie Delaney in November 2011, and after going through the long process to obtain its permits, it is recognized as the first legal rum distillery in North Carolina.  From a 500 sq ft facility that he found on Craigslist and his mom visited and checked out while he was in Texas, it started producing 35 bottles per day. Now they are currently in a 6000 sq ft facility a year later making 300 bottles a day and running two stills.

Robbie and his family truly believe in a “hands on” approach to creating their rums. The creation of the stills are just the beginning. Within an 18 hr day they not only create two different types of rum (a silver rum, based for cocktails, and a dark rum for slow sipping) they bottle, label and box each one. Recently, they have started wax sealing each bottle in unique colors for special clients, presenting several bottles with blue and yellow wax seal top for NC A&T State University, NC State University, and other colleges.

Our tour of the facility did not end there, as a tasting of both rums were a must! As he stated before, the silver rum, Carolina Rum, was ideal for mixed drinks, but the dark rum, the Queen Charlotte’s Reserve..a Sipping Rum…simply put…smooth. Envision a nice quiet evening with a small glass of this rum, sipping ever so slowly and tasting the oaky flavor extracted from the barrel. Their rums are not flavored, no added sugars or additives…. just premium grade molasses, sugar from South Carolina and a special type of yeast.  A nice natural honey tone is experienced on the palette when tasting, which comes from the American White Oak charred wood that they get from Kentucky which is aged 8 months to 15 months and used one time. During this time of aging, they blind test each batch, for flavor and consistency in every bottle. Weather changes can either speed up the process or lengthen it, so again, their hands on approach is a necessity.

But no need to tease you about this smooth and delicious liquor, visit your closest ABC store in NC and get your own bottle today!

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