Elevate to Separate

A large chair does not make a king. ~ Sudanese proverb

I was looking through photos I had over the years, on FB, on website, in my various magazines, etc…and I posted one that was taken of me and my lovely wife Renee at a “Power Couples” photoshoot that I had for my mag.

As I looked at it and other pics, I noticed that in my life, I’ve had the opportunity to be with some amazing folk over the years. From celebs to statesmen, those that minister to others and people that bless others in everyday life. The one thing that was constant with each of them, was their position in life.
Now before you jump to conclusions, let me explain, as my brother in Christ Bishop Marvin L. McMillan stated so powerfully today on FB. For your elevation to occur, there will need to be separation.

Now this separation can be from people that are dragging you down, places that are diminishing your spirit, or habits that you have acquired over time that is keeping you from being the best individual that you are supposed to be.

See, that position in life, I learned that God places us with certain people that are there to show us potential, that elevation that my brother was talking about earlier. While some people look at being with celebs and such with starry eyes and fandom, true individuals look at it as an opportunity to check themselves, and really see that they are destined to be better, and help others do the same.

So, I say all this to say this fam, you can either elevate to separate, or be obstinate and become stagnate.

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