Resident Culture Brewing Company

This holiday weekend my wife and I visited Resident Culture Brewery located at 2101 Central Avenue in Charlotte. This area of Charlotte has a lot of sentiment to me, as my parents still live in this area, my wife and I had our wedding dinner at Veteran’s Park some 20 + years ago, which is located across from the brewery, and the print company that was formerly housed at 2101 Central Ave I applied for a job there…

The brewery is known for its IPAs and pale ales, lagers; barrel aged beers, and even fermented ales. Our visit there was met with the wild scents of mash, good music playing and a staff that was eager to share their knowledge and suggestions of what was on tap and possibly what we would like. Our choice was the Cosmic Consciousness, a 6% New England IPA that had hops for you and a citrus palate that was amazing!
Not only do they have a variety of brews for each and every taste, the layout was open and really chill and vibrant. And I also love how they partner with local businesses, artists and restaurants to elevate and promote their gifts (shouts out to my people at Tin Kitchen for their great flavors that day)You can also reserve a table or two, or event part of the space there for a special event.

I definitely would recommend this spot, but hey see for yourself. Take a ride to 2101 Central Ave and check them out. Follow them on social media too: , and for upcoming events, brews and other funky stuff!

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