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Delicious Flavors…courtesy of BabyCakes Cupcakes NC!!

So as everyone should know, I have a very close connection with food. Coming from a family who worked in the restaurant and baking industries as well as being a former sous chef and caterer, food has always played a part in my life. I’m always looking to try different creations, especially in the sweets category (it is my weakness, yes) So when my good friend Konya approached me with the opportunity to try some cupcakes at the office, hey count me in!

But these cupcakes, man….

So I won’t be greedy and keep you in suspense. BabyCakes Cupcakes NC is who I am talking about, and their cupcakes are amazing! My first taste test was I think the Banana Pudding Cupcake. I could taste the bananas folded into the batter and the deliciously sweet buttery frosting that complemented it.

Immediately afterwards, major orders coming out of our office for the other flavors he tempted us with. Strawberry, Red Velvet, Lemon, Key Lime and so many other flavors, the office was abuzz and smiles everywhere! Ok so I thought, let’s see how he does with the citrus flavors…and he nailed it. I ordered two Key Lime Cupcakes and took them home for my party planner/sister Mahogany to taste with me. The cupcake, moist and delicious, the frosting, hints of Lime that was not overpowering and sweet enough to balance with the cupcake. This brother has skills!

He stays busy, delivering the creations to various offices and establishments, but don’t think he limited to just cupcakes. I saw his Red Velvet cake posted earlier on his Facebook Page one morning, and I thought, yes Red Velvet can be considered a breakfast item….a great start to the day…hmm …uh Tavis.

I suggest contacting Tavis Fluellen to get your order in for special events and just when you need to have a cupcake day at your job. They are truly “Big cake flavor in a BabyCake size!”

Phone 704-458-8122

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  1. Mr. Digsby, this is Tavis Fluellen from BabycakesCupcakesNC. Let me start by saying that I am taken aback, and very appreciative of your kind words! By far, the most satisfying part of this journey that I’m on, is when someone says how much they enjoyed my baked goods. My story is something that I look forward to sharing with you and others, as well as the many flavors and varieties of baked goods that I offer. Again, thank you for your support and encouraging words.

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