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Carey Digsby embodies versatility in several facets of his life. An accomplished Magazine Publisher, Author, Businessman and Family man are just to name a few of his many talents. Carey has led life with the belief that “There’s a wonderful light out there, and we can accomplish so much if we believe in it”. That light has guided Carey in his multiple successes in life and continues to open other doors of opportunity.

Originally from Long Island New York, Carey’s family relocated to Charlotte to help care for his Grandmother who was a pillar to his confidence by being one of his biggest believers in his future successes. After graduating from Garinger Senior High School, Carey was accepted to several universities, but made the decision to remain close to his family after the birth of his first son and later graduated from college with degrees in Business Management and Marketing.

His desire for being creative is evident in all of his endeavors, and after working for different companies in the corporate sector, Carey’s affinity for the arts manifested itself in the form of his highly recognized Urban Tymes Magazine in 2008. Made available to readers via www.urbantmedia.com  , Urban Tymes originally came to Carey as a blog idea, which grew beyond itself due to the online response received. The award winning  Urban Tymes is considered one of the most diverse and popular sources of positive media, gaining widespread attention with its cultural flare and stance on being a “positive source for media.”

But beyond the magazines, Carey turned to a new chapter in life and wrote two books: “This Tree Can Bear Fruit” and “It Starts With a Seed”.  Both consisting of poems,  positive quotes and scripture tied together with his life experiences from working closely within the community. The books captures various areas in life all can relate to giving voice and vision to its readers. Carey  continuously cultivates his passion for leadership and community spending free time mentoring youth, his work on various boards and committees and being a motivational speaker, with weekly posts dubbed via his writing moniker: Convo with CD.

Carey ‘s career intertwines with his passions in life. His role as loving husband to wife Renee for over twenty years, father to three amazing sons Carey III, Marquis, and Kierian, gives him strength and support. As an entrepreneur, writer and community leader, Carey isn’t afraid of taking risks, confronting issues and working hard to be successful. He strongly believes that we do not live in just the negatives or in the dark, but that we should encourage and help each other!

Instead of setting a trend…..Let’s exemplify a standard!”

Carey Digsby

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