Conversation with Mr. Jonez!

Mr. Jonez is a multi-faceted individual! Our conversation  with the Cincinnati artist  was  truly in-depth! From discussing his music, the reason why he’s in this game to win it, and words of wisdom to up and coming artists!! Listen to the interview, this brother’s talent is amazing!

Let’s Communicate Better!!!

Let's communicate better Posted by Carey Digsby on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Carey Drops His Latest Book: Conversations!

Through good conversation, we can learn so much and connect on a deeper level. Thoughts to Paper…Words from Heart…Let the Discussions Begin. The thoughts and quotes in this book are to stir up the spirit, and start meaningful dialogue among each other! Click on the cover to get your copy today!

An Interview with Estelle California!

Her music has passion, from her life experiences and the love for people that has allowed her gift to be a voice for others. Estelle California talks to Carey Digsby about her transition to the states, embracing California as her home, and her love for Africa!